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General Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions RENTAL PERIOD The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Delays of more than 2 hours CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is included in the fee for the full day. LONG TERM RENTALS The minimum rental period is 30 days for long term rental. Special rates apply. For information on rental rates and conditions +90 (242) 228 01 09 by calling Net Rentacar Reservation Center or your local Office can rent a car. ONE WAY RENTAL Refund of the delivery and collection in another city, regardless of the rental period is one way fee. One-way fare information Reservation Center or Office nearest you can rent a car at Net. RECEIVING A CAR - CAR COLLECTION Airports Serving International offices 24 hours a day at all hours of the day, while other offices vehicle delivery and customer vehicles to be delivered during office hours free of charge. International Airports except for vehicle deliveries take place outside of working hours and leave the car free of charge. SERVICE CHARGES FOR AIRPORTS 24 Hour uninterrupted service International Air Ports Net to rent a car rentals Airport Service charges Offices. DRIVER'S LICENCE - AGE Valid driver's license holders at least 22 years of age with a 2-year parties .. rent a car, luxury cars are the requirement of at least 25 years of age dolmurmuş age. ADDITIONAL DRIVER The vehicle can be used by anyone else other than the tenant, but the age of the driver's license and use of the rules of the contract registration and driving license valid identification is possible with the appropriate drivers. Another record was made by the driver is detected and an unregistered user or insurance will be invalid. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE - NON-ISSUES Rates right to use unlimited mileage vehicles, vehicle maintenance conet, and insurance are included. Fuel, bridges, toll fees, traffic fines and insurance, a one-way fee, vehicle pick-up and delivery charges, baby seat, and the extra demands of Value Added Tax (KDV) is not included in the prices. PAYMENT - DEPOSIT All valid credit cards are accepted for payment of rental fees .. NET CAR PRICE LIST WITH THE VEHICLE TYPES AND CONDITIONS OF RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. TRAFFIC FINES 120km on motorways and traffic laws in Turkey. , 90km trunk roads. and the 50km şehiriçlerinde. speed allows. Follow signs when parking in parking ban. Due to faults of traffic violations and traffic fines and legal responsibilities of the tenant belongs to the tenant. Net rentacar'a reaching the car after being reflected in the lessee and the amount of traffic fines in cash or by credit card (mail order) is charged with the tenant. Instruments for whatever reason will be kept by the official or local authorities within the period of time the contract will be accepted.
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